Your Entire Car

Protection from Rock Chips, Road Salt, Dirt and Dings.

Self-Healing Clear Coat

XPEL’s Full Cover Package is the gold standard of the paint protection film package.

This top of the line paint protection package is targeted for the most serious automotive enthusiast. XPEL’s Full Car Kit will keep your vehicles paint in the best condition possible.

XPEL’s Full Cover Package includes the added benefit of a full-body paint protection film. Your vehicle will be protected from insect acids, salt corrosion, dings, bumps, scratches and rock chips.

XPEL’s Full Cover Package has self-healing properties. In the event that a rock chip flies up and damages the film, simply park it in a sunny area or heated garage and the film will literally heal itself!

And, our paint protection packages are backed by XPEL’s one-of-a-kind warranty.