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Worried about Microbes and Bacteria?

Our Interior Sanitation Packages is something we have been doing for years. Due to COVID-19, we have upgraded some of our products for maximum efficiency, while no one can guarantee to kill the virus. Our Interior Sanitation Package is highly effective and consists of several steps from cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting all surfaces in vehicle. We even go as far as using a Self-Healing Clear Film Infused with Silver Ion Particles, which inhibits the growth of microbes on its surface, also protecting those areas from scratching and damages from objects being dropped onto those surfaces protected by the Self-Healing Clear Film. We also use a Spray on Product, a Catalytic Coating that can be applied to all surfaces, including leather, vinyl, plastics, and fabric with efficiency against pathogens up to 99.9%, and can continue to kill microbes, bacteria and viruses for up to 6 months.

The Steps

Full Interior Detail, if needed

Steam clean of surfaces and Steam Air duct system

Ozone Generator Treatment $75 Value FREE

Spray All Surface Sanitizer: a product that has been proven its effectiveness against pathogens such as SARS-CoV2.

Application of XPEL RX Protection Film with self-healing properties and ion particles to stop the growth of pathogens for up to 2 years, and protect surfaces from physical damage.

Application of Ceramic Pro Tag: a Catalytic Coating with efficiency of 99.9% against pathogens that can last up to 6 months.


1: Driver SidePackage

2: Driver & Passenger SidesPackage

3: Entire Vehicle Interior